I Seek Electronic Evidence To Convict Child Abusers & Save Children

Who Am I?
A Rescue K9 That Works For Law Enforcement

What I Do?
Seek Electronic Devices To Help Prosecute Child & Adult Sex Offenders, Child Abusers, Rapists, Traffickers, Online Predators & Other Criminals

Therapy For Officers That See The Worst Images Of Humans Abusing Children

Find Electronic Evidence Containing Images & Videos That Helps Identify & Rescue Children & Adults That Are Being Victimized

Therapy To Children & Adults Who Are Scared

Defenders For Children

There is a reason the offenders hide the devices.

Most Offenders & Criminals Will Hide Electronic Devices In Areas That Are Extremely Difficult For Law Enforcement To Find During A Search.

The Devices I Find Include Micro SD Cards, Thumb Drives, Hidden Cameras, Cell Phones, Computers and More. One Device May Contain 288,000 Or More Images & Videos. Pedophiles, Human Traffickers, Sexual Abusers, Domestic Abusers, Gangs and other Criminals Use These Electronic Devices To Store & Share Images of Victims

We are good at what we do.

In one year, Electronic Detection K9's Went on 131 searches and found 152 Devices after Law Enforcement had completed their search.

Your Donations Will Help Defenders For Children Donate 3 to 4 Electronic Detection K9's to local law enforcement agencies in the Upstate and the surrounding areas. When we reach our goal the First K9 will start helping the children and bring in more evidence in Greenville County Sheriff's Office - Specialized Crime Division.

Project's Mission:

Create A Community Where Our Children Are Safe And The Offenders Feel Threatened.

We have a goal to bring in 4 K9's into the Upstate.

We Are Getting Pretty FAMOUS!
High Profile Cases Where Electronic Detection K9’s Have Found Evidence.

• Subway Pitchman Jared Fogle
• USA Olympic Gymnastic Coach Marvin Sharp
• Counter terrorism case in Indiana
• Serial killer homicide case in Michigan

Your Contribution Goes Towards:

Electronic Detection K9
Dog Food For A Year
Large Dog Beds
Large Dog Crates
Automobile K9 Hammocks
K9, Automobile Emergency Heat Warning System
Roundtrip Airline Ticket Handler Training
Hotel Stay For Two Week Training
Sheriff's K9 Vest & Patches
Leash & Collars
Non Emergency Veterinarian Needs


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Defenders For Children
1140 Woodruff Road, Suite 106, Box 108
Greenville, SC 29607
Phone: 864-787-5681
Email: DefendersForChildren@gmail.com

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